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  1. 香薰茶蜡
  2. 香薰茶蜡


  • 型号HL-XX010
  • 品牌Haili
  • 价格

海丽制造有限公司 专业蜡烛供应商|香薰茶蜡| 可根据客户要求定制不同的重量,不同的尺寸,不同的颜色,不同的香味,不同的包装。欢迎洽谈咨询。

  1. 详细信息


Scented Tea candle/ Scented candle

Aroma and colored cup candle 

Raw materials : Paraffin wax

Size: Dia :3.8cm


Burning : 2.5-3.5hours

Fragrance:Strawberry , Lavender ,Orange, Jasmine, Vanilla ,Rose, Osmanthus , Carnations

Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Organe etc.


We can produce according to customers' specifications including the material, color, dimension and packaging.

No Drip , No Smoking. No toxic , No polluting.
Various Frangrances.
Any Design and size
Good Quality and Best competitive price .

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