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  1. 彩虹音乐花开生日蜡烛
  2. 彩虹音乐花开生日蜡烛


  • 型号HL-Rain001
  • 品牌Haili
  • 价格

海丽制造有限公司 专业蜡烛供应商|音乐生日蜡烛| 多彩花瓣,自动播放生日音乐,同时自动旋转。欢迎洽谈咨询。

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Rainbow music birthday candle

Double layer ,14candles , With Auto-rotating . Round Base !


Flower Musical Birthday Candle

The flower music candle is used for birthday. Light the candle.

It will bloom as a beautiful lotus with several candles on the petal,

At the same time the music of birthday song will start to play.

The flower music candle can create a happy atmosphere for your birthday party.


Auto-rotating Or not rotating

Double Layer Or Single Layer

Package:1pcs/100boxes/carton  Carton Size:64*27*33.5cm

Description: Lotus Shape,Double Layer,Novel Design, Auto Open up

With Auto Music Play(Happy birthday to you )

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